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You can see everything
About Domino.
Now, just check DiV.

DiV can be seen at a glance.
DiV can get a closer look.
DiV can immediately see the data you want.

  • DiV can help you

    Just by looking at the DiV, you'll get a lot of hints about running a Domino server and identifying problems. It can also save you a lot of time.
    A Domino server is a complex server where many tasks are associated with each other and operate. Therefore, it is very difficult to find the cause of the problem as well.
    For example, if you send mail through HTTP Task, it writes mail to the mail box, the Router task delivers the mail, and the recipient reads the mail through IMAP.
    DiV provides a comprehensive, at-a-glance view of the state of the Domino server that is behaving so complexly.

  • Everything you need is here...

    DiV has everything an administrator needs to know about your domino server.
    Are all domino servers running normally? What servers are under load? What tasks are there problems with? Which users are doing what? …
    Also, since information on H/W and OS can be checked, the relationship between H/W, OS and Domino Server can also be identified.
    However, we have configured the load on the Domino server to be minimal.
    As such, DiV is configured to give you a quick, at-a-glance view of the various information you need to see on the Domino server.

  • Check DiV only.

    DiV will notify you if any problems are found. Of course, DiV check the Domino Server 24/7.
    Now, it is not necessary to check whether the server and application are running normally.
    Just check the DiV

  • Integrated Performance Management

    We are collecting a variety of information from the Domino Server.

      · Basic H/W, OS information
      · Detailed System metrics
      · Various Domino Server operation logs
      · Metrics for Major tasks
      · Information on the database in operation

    We collect this information and store it in one place.
    The saved information is visualized through the self-developed DashBoard through an analysis process.
    In addition, if a problem is found, it informs the administrator in real time through various methods (Mail, SMS, SNS, etc.).

  • What Else?

    User-defined dashboard that configures to your taste
    You can change the shape or position of the Menu or each Chart on the dashboard.
    Only DiV has the dashboard that is configured according to your taste.

    Build your own chart using the data you want
    We are collecting almost all of the data from the Domino Server.
    If there is any data you want to see, let's discuss it with us.
    DiV has an architecture that allows customers to easily collect the information they want and visualize it as a chart.
    Now, visualize the data you need to see through DIV.

  • Why DiV?

    We aimed to collect and visualize the information that the Domino Server administrator actually needs.
    DiV was designed based on the experience of operating Domino applications for a long time.
    By collecting as much information as possible, we tried to show the information the administrator wants.
    In addition, we thought it was essential to have a fast response speed that can quickly show the collected information.
    DiV are more than what you expect.
    By any chance, do you need any more information? Why don't you discuss it with us?
    We will do our best for the information you want.

The program you need for the best work

This program will shorten your work time and increase your work efficiency.
Do you have any questions?


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